Dental Sleep Appliance Therapy Can Help

Dental Sleep Appliance Therapy Can Help

CPAP Intolerance

Our therapy may be life-saving and diminish other related medical conditions. Need a CPAP machine to breathe at night but find it uncomfortable? We can help.

Breathing Disorders

Mild to moderate sleep apnea, snoring, and various respiratory and restless sleep disorders often benefit from our treatments. See how sleep devices can make a difference by talking to our specialist.


Up to 15% of children have disordered breathing. We involve a team of healthcare professionals to help diagnose and treat this disease. Take this short questionnaire to see if your child could benefit from a sleep study.


Is snoring of you or your loved one keeping you up at night? Dental sleep appliances can help you get a good nights sleep so you can feel refreshed in the morning. Breathe easier and sleep better.