Dental Device Made a World of Difference

“My husband told me that my snoring had gotten bad and he heard me stop breathing at night. Because of this I asked my primary care physician if he thought I needed a sleep study.  He said no, but to try nose strips or to sleep in another room if my snoring bothered my husband.  I was not satisfied. A few weeks later at my dental appointment at Dr. Waterman’s office, I answered the sleep screening questions. Based on the results, Dr. Waterman suggested a sleep study.  The home sleep study was very easy to do, and I was appreciative that Dr. Waterman and his staff took care of the communications between my primary provider and my insurance company so that insurance would pay for the testing.  The sleep study showed that I had mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.  I chose the mouth piece for treatment because it seemed less intrusive than CPAP.  The very next day after the first time I wore the mouthpiece I felt great.  I had not realized how badly I had been feeling for quite a while.  I felt like a fog was lifted.  I drove to work and was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t drowsy and I didn’t feel the need to close my eyes at red lights!  In addition, my headaches decreased dramatically.  Before treatment I had a headache almost every day. Now I rarely have a headache.  Thank you, Dr. Waterman.  Your diagnosis and treatment of my sleep apnea made a world of difference in my daily life! (And I don’t disturb my husband during the night any longer because my snoring is significantly decreased!)”